Long Distance Moving

A long distance move is generally a move that is greater than 100+ miles. The cost of your long distance move is usually determined by the following:


  • Weight of your shipment & the distance of your move
  • Additional moving services, such as packing & unpacking of your belongings (wrapping your furniture is included with the price)
  • The need for storage while you are getting settled in your new location (one month of free storage included with your price)
  • Additional charges may include stairs

Our movers will conduct a TAG & LIST of your goods and this will make sure that your items are in order and not missing. You will get a TAG & LIST copy which it shows you ” how many items you have total and what condition they are in ” .

If possible stay with the movers which make the job easy by directing where and what goes with your move. Sometimes movers don’t know that some of the items don’t belong to you if you’re renting the place or Items (please notify movers what is not yours by list ).


Government Regulated Weigh-Station for Long Distance Moving


Long distance moving companies are not able to determine the exact weight of your shipment until it has been weighed. Government satisfied weigh-stations weigh our moving trucks before pick-up and after pick-up. The difference between those two weights is the weight of your shipment. You will be provided with exact weight receipt.


Entrust your International movers with the knowledgeable and trusted long distance movers at Canada Pro Moving and Storage Inc. Our focus is on providing smooth and free stress relocations for individuals and families moving across US and Canada, across the border or anywhere else in North America. As superior long distance movers, we offer a wide variety of services to ensure every detail of your relocation is considered and managed. Regardless of your moving needs, we have customized solutions.


To begin with us, one of our special trained consultants will survey your home, providing a free moving estimate based on these needs. This estimate will include the necessary moving services, as well as arrange your move dates. Throughout the international moving process, your move consultant will keep you up to date with the progress of your moving date. To add a extra protection to your valuable items during the move, we offer full value coverage for your belongings. With your International Moving Company at Canada Pro Moving and Storage, our first priority is being there for you, as we valued our customers. With Vancouver Movers or Toronto Movers at Canada Pro Moving and Storage your long distance move is completely stress free.


We manage every detail and can accommodate any need. We save you time and stress free, energy and time involved with planning and executing a move, so that you can focus on more important things. When you choose B.C Movers, Alberta Movers, Saskatchewan Movers, Manitoba Movers, Ontario Movers or California Movers as your long distance moving company, we are accountable for the entire move process, from the initial call to the delivery and unpacking of your belongings at new Locations. Contact us today to speak with one of our Friendly professionals Representatives about your upcoming long distance relocation. We provide full service packing and unpacking services, vehicle shipping and flexible storage options.  Canada Pro Moving Inc. – The preferred Local & Long Distance Moving Company in North America.


Long distance moving includes any move that crosses state lines. Canada Pro Moving and Storage as a Professional Long Distance Moving Company and as a safe and careful moving company, we will ensure the care and safety of your goods, as we are in the moving process.


Please make sure to take your valuable items with you


Canada Pro Moving & Storage Inc. has developed significant experience and understanding of the requirements, regulations and cultural issues that come with international moves. To help make this event go as smooth as possible, Canada Pro Moving & Storage assigns a dedicated, highly trained movers to work with you every step of the way.


To ease your transition to your new, long distance destination, Canada Pro Moving & Storage provides the following services:


  • Experienced and highest trained movers
  • Door-to-Door Moving Service
  • Comprehensive Insurance Programs
  • Highest quality Long Distance Moving Service
  • Packing & Wrapping and Handling
  • Transportation of your vehicle
  • Customs Forms
  • Most important we’re family owned